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Photoshop Has a Steep Learning Curve. That's a FACT.

Let me ask you something... 

  • Have you ever been frustrated trying to figure out what tool to use in Photoshop?
  • Have you tried reading those thick complicated graphics text books, or followed long, hard to follow tutorials, in hopes of finally getting more comfortable with Photoshop?
  • Have you ever wanted to do a simple image edit in Photoshop, and completely screwed it up?

You're not alone, and it's definitely not your fault. Most guides on learning Photoshop are very complicated, and are full of unneccesary steps. Photoshop was designed for the expert graphics designer, and not much was done for the average person like you and I.

It wasn't until my mother wanted to learn Photoshop, that I realized just how complicated it really was. She had mentioned that she didn't have the patience to sit through hour long tutorials, or 300 page text books just to learn how to tinker around with Photoshop.

This was an "Ahh Ha!" Moment for me. I had got to thinking.. What if there were a course on Photoshop that just broke it down into short 2 to 3 minute videos, showing exactly how to use each tool, in a simplified fashion. This would make it easier for people such as my mother to learn Photoshop.

I started searching the internet for such a program, and had no success at all. I decided to just go ahead and make a couple of videos for my mom, and see if they helped her. She was excited! She actually was able to follow my videos. In fact, she loved them so much that she asked me to make more.

Quick Photoshop Lessons was born!

Have you ever wanted to create, or simply edit a graphic in Photoshop, but weren't exactly sure which tool to use? Even worse, how to use the proper tool? We all realize how powerful this program can be, and how much time and money you can save when you have the ability to create and edit your own graphics. It is essential that you know how to use Photoshop and its various tools.

Many people have a very difficult time trying to figure out Photoshop on their own, and don't want to sit through hours of tutorial videos when all they wanted was a basic understanding of how things work. An image that should take no more than 30 seconds to edit ends up taking someone an hour, and still doesn't look right! Or worse, you end up paying someone else to do it when the tools were right there in front of you!

Now, I am not suggesting you fire your graphics designer, but I am suggesting that having a basic understanding of how to use Photoshop correctly, will save you a TON of time AND money for years to come.

Quick Photoshop Lessons COMPLETELY bypasses the learning curve, and goes straight to the meat of what you really need to know! These short lessons are under 2 minutes long and teach you how to edit any graphic with great simplicity. You will be amazed at what you can do after following these short lessons.

If you can brush your teeth, then you can easily learn the basics of Photoshop with these lessons. Simply open up one of the lessons on your computer, watch it for 2 - 3 minutes, and thats it! You will be able to edit your images immediately.

I have been using Photoshop on a daily basis for almost 5 years now, and understand what it was like to be new at it. Like anything, it takes time to learn, but you can speed up this process. I can only imagine if lessons like these were available when I first started.


Here's a Sample of What You'll Be Able to do After
Watching These Short Photoshop Video Lessons...

  • Quit wasting money on a graphic artist everytime you need a simple image edit done!

  • Learn how to edit images fast, so you can quit waiting on someone else to finish a graphic edit that you could have done yourself in a fraction of the time!

  • No need to sit through hours of boring tutorials, or reading 500 page books, so you can start editing images TODAY.

  • Easy as Pie Learning Process, so You can Quickly pick and choose which lesson you want to learn, at the click of a mouse!

  • Learn cool new graphics tricks so you can put someone's face on another body, or even remove blemishes in SECONDS!

  • Learn hot New color tricks so you can repaint almost any object in an image instantly!

  • Become GOOD at Photoshop, so you can Amaze your friends and family with cool pictures you have edited!

  • Easily Remove Red Eye from a picture in about 2 seconds, so your pictures will look more professional instantly.

  • Learn to Crop or re-size your images as much as you want, so you can get that perfect picture every time.

  • Pimp out your Myspace, Friendster, Facebook, and any other Social Network Account you want, so you can be the envy of all your friends!

  • Have a full understanding of the basics in Photoshop, so you can work faster, and have more fun in the process!

  • And much, much more!

Here's what Others Have to Say After Using these Quick Photoshop Lessons - Learning Videos!

How many times have you wanted to make
a simple edit to a picture, but didn't quite know how?

Maybe you wanted to add something, remove something,
change its color or even resize it but just didn't know where to
begin or how to do it quickly and easily.

With these short, easy to follow and to the point lessons
you'll quickly be able to learn all these things.

For example:
Say you want to learn how to remove a blemish from
a picture before you post it somewhere or e-mail
it out to friends and family.

Lesson 13: Using the spot healing tool.
Find out the secret the pros use for making
pictures look perfect every time.


Or let's say you want to add a cool effect to some
text for a website or graphic you are making.

Lesson 23: Image Behind Text.

Easily learn how to spice up your text
by placing an image behind it.


Or another easy to do effect, Gradients.

Lesson 19: Making Gradients
Gradients are a great way to make your
graphics look more professional.


Everyone's favorite photoshop trick,
"Face Swapping"
Learn to do this fun effect in just minutes.

Lesson 25: Face Swapping
Place your face on someone elses body!

There are over 2 Dozen of these Easy to Learn Videos!


You also get these Cool Bonuses!

Bonus #1

A Complete graphics
package filled with over

2,000 images

You can easily cut and paste these graphics
into anything you're working on to add a more
professional look!


The hard work of creating these has already been done for you!

Just copy and paste them in!!

(These images come with full private label rights! They are yours to use, edit, resell, or give away! It's entirely up to you!)

$127 Value!

Bonus #2

Want to Create your Very Own
Minisite with Photoshop?

Forget sacrificing sleepless nights staying up to learn the ropes of a new trade. In these step-by-step videos, you will learn how to get your own mini site designed even in as early as under one day
(or at the most, 2 days).

As long as you follow these video tutorials religiously, you will break the steep learning curve almost instantly and have your first mini site designed by tomorrow.

Even if you have not used Adobe Photoshop before.

In the Adobe Photoshop For Newbies video series, you will learn how to Design Simple Yet Professional Looking Mini Sites Using Adobe Photoshop even if you aren't good at art creation!

Follow this easy to understand, step by step video series to create your own professional looking minisites with ease!

$49 Value!

Bonus #3

The Complete Guide to Finally
Understanding Photoshop is here:

An in depth report on photoshop has been created to help you learn how to use this powerful software fast. More people use Photoshop because they know that it not only has many expansive capabilities, but it is also the best software you can use to get top notch photos.  Where you had a dull looking photo, using these Photoshop secrets can make it look brand new in no time at all.

Many people think that Photoshop is difficult to learn. That is far from the truth. You may have to create a learning curve for yourself, but learning the secrets of this premier graphics software will have your head spinning with ideas!  This Report will show you the ropes! It's a perfect compliment to the Quick Photoshop Lesson Videos.

Full Detailed Report in PDF Format!

$37 Value!


Bonus #4


When you try our video lessons today Risk Free, you will also get free lifetime updates! You will get FREE access to any future lessons at no additional charge!

$60 Value!


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So I have decided to offer the Next 25 copies for only a MEASLY $39.95 $ 19.95 !

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